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Newly Awarded KTP with Bray Group Ltd

The University has been awarded a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) with Bray Group Ltd, a company that offer a range of healthcare solutions to improve lives around the world.

As a licensed medicine manufacturer, the company will be supported through the KTP in delivering a continuous improvement in their machinery and processes. The company faces a significant business growth opportunity in several international markets, which may be difficult to win without significant improvements in manufacturing and production capability.

The KTP, led by Martin Ould, Mechanical Engineering, will address significant technical challenges that are currently beyond the technical resources within Bray Group, who are committed to establishing an engineering capability in house.

Applying simulation and modelling techniques, the KTP will deliver an integrated mechanical and electrical engineering systems approach to their production problems for which there is no commercial ‘off the shelf’ solution. In this way, automation will support the company’s existing workforce in meeting the higher delivery volumes required.

Randal Pakeman, Director Bray Group Ltd, says: “We are delighted to have been awarded this KTP with Bath University and are very much looking forward to working with Bath University on this exciting and important project”.

Martin Ould, Lead Academic, says: “It is great to see one of our most recent undergraduate group design and business projects evolve into a fully-funded engineering development programme with an industrial partner.”

Oscar De Mello, Business Development Manager in Research and Innovation Services at the University of Bath, says: “This KTP is essential for the delivery of the new machine for Bray Group and we are delighted for all involved”.

For further information of Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs) please contact:

Oscar De Mello
Business Development Manager
Tel: +44 (0)1225 38 6616