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Enhanced Support Packages for Submitting Funding Applications

RDSO are piloting a new approach to developing excellent research proposals. We are in the process of recruiting academics and researchers to multiple cohorts of training packages aimed at improving both knowledge and capability in proposal writing. The cohorts will target individuals across all stages of the academic career and will be tailored accordingly.

There are currently three new support packages in development with further scheme and funder specific training planned for the future. These three new schemes build on similar training approaches around the ESRC Future Research Leaders programme and the European Research Council Fellowships.

The cohort and training approach has been developed in collaboration with the Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Research, the Associate Deans for Research and professional services on campus.

The three schemes currently recruiting are:

  1. ESRC Open Call - Three cohorts are planned over the next year with each supporting up to ten academics keen to submit a proposal to the ESRC. The scheme is targeted at those who are new to the ESRC application requirements, those who have not applied to the ESRC in the recent past and those who have applied often but with little success.
  2. Advanced Training to support ‘Big Ideas’ going to one of the Research Councils - Two cohorts are planned over the next year, each designed to support up to 12 academics from across the University. Target participants are those who have had success with substantial grants in the past but are now at the stage where they would like to submit a ‘big idea’ to the relevant Research Council. The focus of the sessions will be less on training but instead in improvements and the inclusion and new and novel elements.
  3. Training and Guidance for Research Council Early Career Fellowships and First Grants - Two identical whole day events per year are planned, each designed to support up to 30 academics and researchers from across the University and across the wide ranging discipline remits. Each event will include elements of both training and opportunities for group based idea generation and discussion linked to particular sections of a research council application. Participants are likely to be those who have a working idea for a research project or fellowship that has been discussed within their department with a commitment to submit an application. All participants must fit the criteria of the relevant Research Council scheme.

Further information:
For further information on any of these three schemes, including the nomination procedure from the Faculty/School, please contact your Director of Research in the first instance or Sarah Jones, Research Development Manager, in RDSO (