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Newly Awarded KTP with Imaginarium Studios

The University of Bath has been awarded a KTP with Imaginarium Studios Ltd, a leading company in cutting edge performance capture technology.

With a portfolio of projects including Jungle Book and Fungus the Bogeyman, the Studios are building on recent successes with innovative new software for ‘creature production’.

The KTP will develop algorithms for animating creatures using movements from a human actor. Newly developed software will automatically create real-time animations of the animal from motion capture data.

Founders Andy Serkis and Jonathan Cavendish, already renowned for innovation in performance capture processes and technologies, will further support the company’s innovative reputation through the development of this software.

Lead academic Dr Darren Cosker, Computer Science, says: “This project represents an exciting opportunity for us to build on our existing strong relationship with the Imaginarium, and help deliver leading edge tools for movie production. The area we will be working on currently relies on a great deal of manual work and artistic interpretation. It is also a relatively unexplored direction in this field. Our aim is to automate this process as much as possible, and our solutions will open many new directions in motion capture technology.”

Tony Orsten, CEO of Imaginarium Studios, says: “For us, working on a solution to the continuing challenge to create accurate and believable animated animal movement in the performance capture field is of prime importance. Having Darren and Bath University’s expertise and dedication exploring this with us is a tremendous opportunity”.

With costs driven by the extended post production required for realistic animation, there is much demand for this work in the film and TV market.

The new software will address this issue, dramatically reducing post production costs, as a result of retargeting algorithms to automatically produce creatures from a human actor’s performance.

This KTP should generate larger volume sales for Imaginarium into markets that could previously not afford this service.

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