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University of Bath Celebrates 40 years of KTPs

The University of Bath has been number one for Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP) in the South West, and in the top ten nationally, for the last ten years.

Several of these KTP successes are a result of long standing partnerships over the University’s 40 year KTP history.

Highest value KTP ever with Seiche Ltd

Last year the University was awarded its highest value KTP award ever. This was for a third KTP with Seiche Ltd, a company with international expertise in underwater sound measurement for the detection of marine mammals.

The University is working with Seiche to further develop their ability to accurately detect all marine mammals within a given range, as opposed to relying solely on surface sightings and vocalisations.

This will help identify effective and evidence-based exclusion zones providing a safer environment for marine mammals.

Roy Wyatt, Managing Director of Seiche Ltd, says: “Universities in general, and certainly the University of Bath, are responding to the needs of a fast-changing knowledge economy as they become more market orientated”.

This largest ever KTP for the University builds on several successful years of knowledge exchange with Seiche, with the first of the three KTPs graded ‘Outstanding’ by Innovate UK.

Speaking following the grading, Roy Wyatt said: “The KTPs at the University of Bath are of the highest calibre and bring invaluable new talent to Seiche’s growing R&D department”.

Long award winning history with Navtech Radar

Similar KTP accolades result from a long history with Navtech Radar, world leading designers and manufactures of commercial radar detection solutions.

The partnership has helped provide radar solutions for one of their main market areas of security and highways monitoring.

The University and Navtech Radar won The Best KTP Building on EPSRC Funded Research award at the national KTP Awards in 2010. This was when the partnership designed and developed a new low cost radar sensor for security applications.

More recently, in October 2015, Navtech Radar was awarded at the British Engineering Excellence Awards (BEEA) for Design Engineer of the Year.

Richard Poulton, Navtech radar, who was presented with the award, has provided industrial leadership for the current KTP with the University. This will develop a ‘long-range’ radar sensor for the multi-award winning company, extending what is currently their longest range.

Continued succssful relationship with Fianium

Other long standing partnerships include Fianium, a fibre laser company focused on the manufacture and development of ultrafast, high power laser systems. Typical applications include medical therapy and ultrafast material processing.

University KTPs have been fundamental to helping Fianium’s strategy of further developing the spectral coverage and long-term operation of supercontinuum products.

In 2013 the Technology Strategy Board (TSB) graded the KTP with Fianium as ‘Outstanding’. Commenting at the time, John Clowes, Director of Business Development at Fianium said: “The KTP grading is another excellent example of our continued successful working relationship with the University of Bath”.

This success has continued to November 2015, when the University and Fianium won the prestigious Engineering Excellence Award, from Innovate UK, at the 2015 national KTP Awards Ceremony. They were also nominated for Best Partnership Award.

Recent partnership with Imaginarium Studios

More recent partnerships in the University of Bath’s 40 year KTP history include a KTP with Imaginarium Studios, a leading company in cutting edge performance capture technology.

With a portfolio of projects including Jungle Book and Fungus the Bogeyman, the Studios are building on recent successes with innovative new software for ‘creature production’.

The KTP will develop algorithms for animating creatures using movements from a human actor. Newly developed software will automatically create real-time animations of the animal from motion capture data.

Tony Orsten, CEO of Imaginarium Studios, says: “Having the University of Bath’s expertise and dedication exploring this with us is a tremendous opportunity.”

The new software will dramatically reduce post production costs, generating larger volume sales for Imaginarium into markets that could previously not afford this service.

Further information 

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KTP Associate James Stone, centre, with left, Peter Mosley, Head of Centre for Photonics and Photonic Materials and, right, John Clowes, Director Business Development at Fianium, being awarded for Engineering Excellence at the 2015 national KTP Awards Ceremony.