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Radar solutions for security and highways monitoring

Building on previous relations the University has been awarded a KTP with Navtech Radar, a leading company in high end radar systems for high cost infrastructures such as tunnels, bridges, airports and power stations.

In providing radar solutions for one of their main market areas of security and highways monitoring, the University Associate will be developing an innovative and cost effective microwave transceiver and antenna system to meet market demands.

The only company to currently supply a high resolution scanning radar system into the highways incident detection market, Navtech Radar are very well placed to introduce a lower cost solution under the leadership of Dr Robert Watson, Electronic and Electrical Engineering.

Successful development will result in not only a new and more cost effective sensor, which would significantly increase the sales of high performance milimeterwave radar products into such applications, but could result in Navtech potentially leading the market in this area.

This new KTP between the University and Navtech Radar builds on previous success having won The Best KTP Building on EPSRC Funded Research award at the Knowledge Transfer Partnership Awards in 2010, to celebrate partnerships between businesses and universities. 

Further information

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