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Second KTP with Seiche provides safer environment for marine mammals

Seiche LogoThe University of Bath has been awarded a second Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) with Seiche Measurements Ltd, a company at the forefront in the design, development and manufacture of underwater measurement and acoustic systems.

Building on existing relations, the new KTP will develop a methodology for assessing propagation models to predict sounds in complex and dynamic underwater environments, making it less difficult for operators to estimate marine mammal exclusion zones for marine seismic operations or underwater pile-driving.

Dr Philippe Blondel, lead academic from the Department of Physics at the University, says: “Off-shore industrial activities can generate considerable noise underwater, and wide exclusion zones are currently used to protect marine life from harmful noise sources. This can come at considerable cost to the industry, and is harder to assess in dynamic environments with high tides, mixing of fresh and salt water as well as highly-variable natural processes, each creating their own noise at different frequencies.

“With this project, we aim to identify the optimal surveying strategy to monitor the actual noise underwater, where and how far it propagates, and the best way to define effective and evidence-based exclusion zones. This will ultimately result in a safer environment for marine mammals”.

Development of this capability will provide Seiche with a significant opportunity to offer a new and highly beneficial service to the global oil, gas and marine renewable energy sectors.

Simon Cole, Director of Seiche Measurement Ltd, says: “We are delighted to be entering into a second KTP with the University of Bath in an area that is important to the continuing development of the company. The current KTP has already resulted in a commercially viable product and we look forward to similar success with Dr Blondel and his team”.

Clive Bailey, Business Development Manager in the Research Development and Support Office (RDSO) at the University of Bath, says: “This new KTP with Seiche Measurement Ltd is a further indication of the success of our previous partnership. Equally and of particular note, is this KTP is also in collaboration with the Departments of Electronic and Electrical Engineering (Dr Adrian Evans) and Mathematical Sciences (Prof Chris Budd), making it a truly multidisciplinary collaboration".

This second KTP with Seiche Measurement Ltd has attracted attention from several funders, notably NERC, the TSB, DEFRA and the EPSRC, who all financed the research.

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