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University of Bath awarded KTP with Waitrose

The University of Bath has been awarded a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) with Waitrose, the UKs’s fastest growing mainstream supermarket and food retail division of the John Lewis Partnership, Britain’s largest employee owned retailer.

The KTP, led by Professor Stephen Pavelin from the School of Management, will work with Waitrose to use systems approaches to supply chain efficiency development and also opportunities for improving environmental efficiency, reinforcing its leading position among supermarkets for environmental stewardship.

This includes evaluation supply chain alignment options and more precisely measuring the environmental efficiency of its vast and complex supply chain. The environmental project will eventually result in the design of an analytical tool, which combines environmental metrics across the supply chain with estimates of consumer willingness to pay so that the company can readily identify opportunities to more perfectly reflect customer concerns through improvements in environmental performance.”

David Croft, Senior Executive associated with the project, says: “We are keen to see systems thinking as part of our supply chain development, while the environmental impact of our business and supply chains is key to developing sustainable business options for the future. Linking that to our consumers is essential if we are to bring about changes in products and supply chains.”

Professor Pavelin, also Director of the Centre for Business, Organisations and Society, says: “This is an exciting project at the cutting edge of supply chain research. It will harness dynamic simulation modelling and detailed surveys across the company’s supply chain to provide decision-makers with a visual representation of the flow, from suppliers through to customers, of inventory and various environmental metrics. Given the rich complexity of its supply chain, Waitrose – which has long been proactive on safeguarding the natural environment and demonstrated industry-leading positions on a number of environmental issues, is an ideal commercial partner for this research”.

Clive Bailey, Business Development Manager at the University says: “This is very exciting for the University to be working with Waitrose and at a time when their share in the grocery market is at its highest yet. We hope to further this by working to improve their operations”.

It is hoped the partnership will meet the environmental concerns expressed in consumer demands of Waitrose.

The KTP is funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) and the Technology Strategy Board (TSB).

For further informaiton on Knowledge Transfer Partnership please contact:
Clive Bailey (Business Development Manager)