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University Awarded New MRC Funding

The University of Bath has been awarded two funding schemes from the MRC, these being:

  •  Confidence in Concepts Scheme
  •  Proximity to Discovery

The Confidence in Concepts scheme is designed to give funds to MRC related researchers to answer critical questions in their research to aid in obtaining further funding or to interest industry in the research.

The Proximity to Discovery scheme is to aid researchers interact with companies, providing funding for secondments into companies and entrepreneurship training.

Launch Event 

To introduce these two funding schemes Professor David Bird and RIS would like to invite you to attend a launch event.

Date:12 February 
Time: 12.15-1.05pm
Location: CB 3.16

Lunch will be provided.

Please register for this event by 9 February.

Further information

For further information of this event, please contact Shan Bradley-Cong