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University included in demand management procedure

The Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) has placed the University of Bath along with a number of other institutions (full list to be published in March) into its demand management procedure for NERC Standard Grants and New Investigator grants. This is due to having a less than 20% success rate over the last 6 rounds of the NERC standard grants scheme.

Consequently, the University of Bath is allowed only 2 submissions per round for July 2015 and January 2016. This cap covers both NERC standard grants and New Investigator grants. Bath's quota will be reviewed annually based on the previous 6 rounds of data. The likelihood is that our cap will remain at 2 submissions for the July 2016 and January 2017 rounds. NERC will operate a "last in" "first rejected" system if we exceed our quota.

The quota applies to grants that the University is leading (PI) or submits its own Je-S form where we are not the lead. If we partner with another institution who is the lead organisation and submit our own Je-S form, and this is above our quota not only will our element of the grant be rejected, the whole grant submission will be rejected.

Applicants who are submitting to the NERC Standard Grants scheme with a collaborating partner from another institution are urged to ensure that, if the other institution is the subject of demand management, that their submission is approved by the lead institution as part of their quota. If not, the proposal is likely to be rejected by NERC.

The quota cap will not apply to grants where we are included as a collaborating partner on the Je-S form of the lead partner. Applicants are therefore urged that for any applications where the University of
Bath is not the lead, that they send their costs to the lead institution for inclusion on the lead institution's Je-S form to reduce the reputational risk of exceeding our quota and invalidating other institutions submissions.

For clarity, the cap applies to Standard and New Investigator grants only (Large grants, Urgency grants and other managed calls are unaffected).

University of Bath process for submission to NERC Standard and New Investigator grants.

The University must begin our demand management measures immediately to ensure that we do not exceed our quota for July 2015. In order to achieve this, the University has established a NERC Peer Review College.

Anyone seeking to apply to the NERC Standard Grant or New Investigator scheme MUST follow the process attached or their proposal will be retained in the submitter pool and not processed.

This will affect some departments a lot more than others but reviewing our NERC submissions over the past 4 years has shown submissions from every Faculty across campus and 11 of the 17 departments, hence the need for wide distribution.

Further information

Further information please contact:
Dr Gareth Buchanan, Research Development Manager.