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AXA Research Fund Post-Doctoral Campaign 2014

The AXA research fund have given the University of Bath the opportunity to submit one application to their Post-Doctoral Fellowships scheme. The projects need to be linked to the priorities of AXA (see page 5 of the Post-Doctoral Applications Guidelines) for a better understanding of risk in the realm of:

  • Environmental risks
  • Life Risks
  • Socio-Economic Risks
  • Strategic priorities of the University.

The nominated Post-Doctoral candidates will normally come to us from outside the UK but in exceptional circumstances can come from the UK. See the Post-Doctoral Applications Guidelines for further information on the scheme.

If you have a suitable candidate and project in mind please let your Associate Dean (Research) know of your interest by Monday 9 December 2013. Submit to them a one-page note containing the following information:

  • Details of the candidate, academic background and details of who will be supervising their work
  • Summary of the proposed project
  • Detail how this fits with the AXA themes as per the attached guidance
  • Detail how this fits the strategy and research strengths of the University of Bath

A decision on who the University will be nominating will be made by 16 December. The chosen candidate will then need to work with their proposed supervisor and RDSO in order to submit an outline proposal by 9 January 2014.

Any questions about the scheme should be addressed to Sarah Jones (Research Development Manager, RDSO)