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Celebrating as Research Success Reaches £104 Million

Professor Jane Millar, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research), has hosted a reception to recognise and celebrate research funding success, following a record £104 million in the current University research portfolio.

With the University’s ambition to grow not only the volume but quality of research awards, the significant increase in the first six months of this academic year alone has already overshadowed recent years.

The reception, which took place in the Wessex Restaurant the evening of 10 April, was attended by academic staff, successful in research funding, the University Research Committee, and members of the Research Development and Support Office (RDSO).

Professor Millar toasted to the encouraging news of the last six months research activities, the application value of which being already close to that of the whole of 2010/11, with secured awards an estimated £10 million above this time last year.

Professor Millar says: “Importantly, this change has brought about a diversification of funders, notably a growth in applications to various European funds also highlighting Bath’s growing achievements on an international scale”.

Dr Rob Head, Director of Research Development and Support Office (RDSO), says: “We are celebrating the fact that our research portfolio is at a record level. Behind this increase in research activity is a significant growth in >£500k applications and awards which are extremely competitive for any University in the current economic climate. We have high quality academics, with high quality ideas that have been recognised by a good spectrum of external funding partners”.

Professor Millar congratulated all of the academics and also thanked them for their important contributions to internal peer review. She presented chocolate boxes to the following for their achievements over the last year:

• Professor Anna Gilmore (Health) - most varied sources AND most new awards in 2012
• Professor Ivan Graham (Mathematics) - most improved department income since last year
• Professor Alison Walker (Physics) - largest funded European consortia
• Professor Chick Wilson and Professor Paul Raithby (Chemistry) - largest current award
• Dr Tom Arnot (Chemical Engineering) - largest current award funded by industry

She also thanked colleagues in RDSO and expressed her appreciation for their contribution and hard work towards achieving a record value of the research portfolio.

Dr Jon Hunt, Deputy Director (RDSO), presented on the wider context behind the need to secure external funds for research, including a SWOT analysis and plans for the coming year. In particular he addressed some of the challenges faced in trying to grow a research portfolio, such as widening the pool of grant holders and strengthening relations with business.

Please click here to view the presentation slides.

If you would like any support in developing your research applications please contact the Research Development Managers in RDSO.


 Photos left to right:

1. Prof Jane Millar with Dr Jon Hunt, Deputy Director (RDSO).

2. Prof Jane Millar with Prof Alison Walker, who acheived largest funded European consortia.

3. Delegates at the Celebrating Success event.

4. Prof Jane Millar with Prof Anna Gilmore, who acheived most varied sources and most new awards in 2012.