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Impact Acceleration Account Celebrates First Knowledge Exchange Dinner

The University of Bath’s ImIAA Dinner 1pact Acceleration Account (IAA) celebrated its first showcase dinner on 26 September to recognise the University’s relationships with industry.

To celebrate these successful collaborations delegates from around 40 businesses across the UK were invited to attend the event at the Bath Spa Hotel, along with their academic partners, from organisations including GKN Aerospace, Jaguar Cars Ltd, Ford Motor Company, Shell International Ltd, and the AXA Group.

The IAA, a £1.36 million grant from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) replaced the Knowledge Transfer Account (KTA) last October, to continue co-funding EPSRC related research for positive outcomes, and will run until September 2015.

Two awards were presented at the dinner by Professor Kevin Edge (Deputy-Vice-Chancellor) to acknowledge successful knowledge exchange projects. These were to the Rugby Football Union (RFU) and Dr Keith Stokes, Department for Health, for research to reduce the incidence or severity of musculoskeletal injuries and training related illnesses which will impact new scrummaging rules in rugby.

The second award was to Ashwoods Automotive Ltd and Dr Chris Brace, Department of Mechanical Engineering, for their integrated research to redesign the second generation of Ashwoods Automotive’s existing hybrid systems for diesel vans. Their project film was showcased at the dinner.

Professor Edge says: “This evening was about celebrating our collaborative relationships and how working together and exchanging knowledge can generate benefits for the university, our partners and wider society. We are delighted to see so many projects of such impact.”

Collaborators from Wessex Water also attended the showcase dinner having recently been awarded funding from the IAA, contributing to the £3 million sustainable water treatment programme between the University and Wessex Water. This programme of work has five projects, investigating different aspects of sustainable water treatment.

Tricia Kennerley, Healthcare Public Affairs Director from Alliance Boots provided the after dinner speech highlighting the importance of university collaboration with policy-makers and industry, illustrating the benefits for both parties.

The showcase dinner provided further opportunities for collaboration as well as showcasing existing projects.

The Impact Acceleration Account is managed by a team including:
Professor Jane Millar, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research), IAA Award Holder
Dr Jon Hunt, IAA Project Director
Dr Denise Cooke, IAA Project Manager

Further information on the IAA

View the Ashwoods Automotive project video

IAA Dinner 2IAA Dinner 3                                                                              

1. Prof Kevin Edge (Deputy Vice-Chancellor), Dr Denise Cooke (Research Project Manager), Prof Jane Millar (Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Research), Tricia Kennerley (Speaker), Dr Jon Hunt (Deputy Director, RDSO).
2. Dr Jon Hunt, Dr Denise Cooke, Prof Jane Millar, Dr Keith Stokes (Department for Health), Dr Mike England (RFU Community Rugby Medical Director), Prof Kevin Edge.
3. Dr Jon Hunt, Dr Denise Cooke, Prof Jane Millar, Dr Chris Brace (Mechanical Engineering), Dan Regan (Senior Applications Engineer, Ashwoods Automotive), Prof Kevin Edge.

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