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Online Ethics Form Goes Live

On Tuesday 21 March the new Ethics online form will be available for use.

On the 9 March a message was circulated by Professor Jonathan Knight, Pro-Vice Chancellor (Research), informing all Head of Departments and other key stakeholders that the Ethics process was soon to be managed and administered electronically.

The old paper based Ethics Form will be decommissioned and replaced by an electronic online form on Tuesday 21 March.

Please note that when the new electronic ethics form has been launched it will not be possible to obtain Head of Department Approval for submission of research grant applications for funding UNLESS ethics assessment has been completed.

This approach has the support of all Deans and the PVC Research.

Researchers should note that ethics approval is not only required for grant proposals but needs to be completed for all research activity. This includes externally funded research, and “own-funded” research. To accommodate this, access to the electronic form and approval process will be available via both PAM and the Intranet as appropriate.

There are three main ways to access the ethics form:

  1. Direct Access

By selecting this link you can go straight to the web site that manages the form. We suggest that once you are at the above address, you save this site address to your favourites in your browser for future quick access. 

  1. Proposal to Award Management (PAM) system 

If the project is an externally funded grant submission then you can access the Ethics Form web site via a link in the University Review tab from within your project record in the PAM system. This will provide access to both your PAM project and your ethics form simultaneously, which will be useful for applying your PAM project reference to the ethics form.

  1. University of Bath website 

If the project is “own funded research” then access to the ethics form is online, at the Research Integrity and Ethics website or via the EIRA1 link on the Ethical Implications page on the Research and Innovation Services (RIS) website.

The new Ethics Form is administered and managed in a web site environment, tailored to your Bath University Username. This delivers an interface designed to display your individual participation in each and every form that you are involved with and the status of that form within the approval workflow.

A detailed User Guide on how the ethics form works is also available from the Ethics Form Web Site.

We strongly recommend that you digest the guidance available before filling out a form for the first time.

Should you need further advice regarding the new Ethics Form please contact your Department Research Ethics Officer (DREO) or Clare Henderson, Administrative Officer Ext. 3400.

Chris Cooper
Project Coordinator, Research and Innovation Services
Ext: 6363