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Newly Awarded KTP with Plasma Coatings

The University of Bath has been awarded a new KTP with Plasma Coatings Ltd, thermal spraying contractors to the Aerospace and Biomedical industries.

The KTP, led by Professor Frank Marken, Department of Chemistry, with colleagues Professor Chris Bowen and Dr Irene Turner from Mechanical Engineering, will provide specialist knowledge in using electro chemical techniques for coatings on metal substrates for the dental and medical devices sector.

Improving supply quality, the partnership will have significant advantages for patient benefits, namely biocompatibility and durability of dental and cranial applications.

The new resulting coating processes will also increase energy efficiency and sustainability, whilst complying with the ever developing industry quality and environmental regulations.

Nick Young, General Manager at Plasma Coatings says: “The partnership provides both our Company and University of Bath an exciting challenge in working together to deliver on all the objectives that have been set within this KTP”.

For further information on Knowledge Transfer Partnerships please contact:
Clive Bailey, Business Development Manager