Research & Innovation Services

RIS Inaugural Writing Retreat - a success!

Research and Innovation Services have recently hosted their very first research grant writing retreat.

Over two days at Bailbrook House Hotel, sixteen academics and researchers were able to fully dedicate their time to the development of research proposals - interspersed with some very nice food and coffee!

The participants were supported throughout the two days by Research Development Managers and several other professionals from across the University - including Public Engagement, Data Management, Research Analytics, Researcher Development Unit, and representatives from Pre-Award.

The event was claimed a success by the participants and there are plans to run similar events in the future.

Comments from participants at the event articulate some of the benefits that were gained from attending. For example, Dr Fiona Gillison from the Department for Health valued the time away from normal work, and added: “even though we were just largely working at computers in a different room than normal, I felt much less stressed and distracted than at work. It was very useful to have a chance to talk to the RIS team - picking up general information in addition to bid-specific advice.”

Dr Ruth Webster from Department of Chemistry mirrored these comments and also included the benefits of being left to write and make use of the hotel space, “Being left to get on with it, being able to pop into the room next door for bursts of advice, being able to get up and walk around/take a break when needed.”

If you are interested in attending a future event then please contact Katy Warr, Research Development Officer, to indicate the best time of year for you. This will help us with planning any future events.