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University awarded new KTP with Spirent Communications plc

The University of Bath has been awarded a KTP with Spirent Communications plc, a multinational telecommunications testing company.

The KTP has been funded to improve Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) simulator capabilities for position, navigation and timing.

GNSS signals are pervasively used across transport, telecommunications, financial services and power distribution. However, radio interference and extreme space weather can cause severe signal disturbance and disruption.

As international leaders in space weather effects on GNSS, the University of Bath’s partnership will advance Spirent’s understanding of the role that space weather plays in disrupting GNSS signals, both man-made and natural, to help protect against these threats.

KTP Associate, Dr Talini Pinto Jayawardena from the Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, will provide knowledge of solar and natural space weather effects, to work with Spirent to develop a new Threat Simulation Capability (TSC).

This will allow customers access to scientifically rigorous simulations of interference and space weather, providing a unique capability in a growing and competitive market.

Lead academic Professor Cathryn Mitchell, also from the Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, whose research interests include atmospheric effects on GPS navigation signals, says: “We are delighted to have this opportunity to share our knowledge with Spirent. We are proud to be a smallpart of their innovation team, ensuring that the next generation of Spirent GNSS simulators continue to be world-leading.”

Richard Boyles, Hardware Team Manager, at Spirent Communications plc, says: “This is an exciting development for Spirent, as it enables world class academic research to be included in our commercial products.”

The KTP is funded by Innovate UK.

For further information on KTPs please contact:

Juliet Mather
KTP Recruitment Officer
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