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Getting started



How do I log into Pure?

You can log into Pure with your usual BUCS user name and password.

Pure can be accessed at:

Where can I find User Guides on specific aspects of Pure?

Guides on particular aspects of Pure (such as how to create a CV and how to add a new output) are available on the Pure webpages.

How do I update my personal details in Pure?

To add personal details such as your research interests, photo, etc., to your profile, go to your personal page in Pure and select Edit.

Remember to select SAVE at the bottom of the page after you make any changes.

If there are any errors in the data you are unable to change (i.e. sourced directly from the HR record) (e.g. your work address, job title, etc.), please contact with details of the changes you would like to make.

I will be managing content in Pure on behalf of my Department. How do I request this user role?

Most users will only require personal user access to Pure. However, in some instances additional roles may be required, e.g. if submitting content on behalf of your School.

Please contact once your access level has been authorised you will receive an email notification.