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I can't log into Pure. What should I do?

If you have never logged into Pure before and are unable to do so using your normal University User Name and password, it’s likely that an account has not yet been set up for you.

The majority of current research and academic staff should have an account already, but if you do not, please e-mail the Pure helpdesk to request one. Please also contact this address if you are having trouble logging in but have logged in successfully before.

I get an error message when using the system - what should I do?

Please email the help desk attaching a screenshot of the error message.

Information about me in Pure is incorrect. What can I do about it?

A significant amount of the data in Pure is automatically imported from other BUCS IT systems, such as ITrent, Agresso and SAMIS. If you find that a field is ‘greyed out’ and you are unable to update it directly, this is because the item is being sourced from a central University record (e.g. the HR system). Pure is updated every night with data from these systems, so any inaccuracies in data maintained in this way will need to be corrected at source. If you experience problems with inaccurate data, please contact the Pure team at

My title (Mr/Ms/Dr/Professor) as shown in Pure is incorrect. What can I do about it?

Your title (Mr/Mrs/Dr/Professor) is automatically imported into Pure from the University’s HR system and cannot be corrected within Pure. Please contact the Pure helpdesk to arrange for your title to be corrected.

Some colleagues are not listed?

If you are aware of omissions of other staff or students who you believe ought to have been included or there are incorrect links between supervising staff and students, please e-mail the details to

I can't see some of the grants I work on, what's gone wrong?

If you can’t see existing funded projects and applications listed, it may be because the data is not being pulled through from Agresso. We are pulling through all grants with a start date later than 01/01/2008 and associated applications. Please report missing awards to

What does 'placement' mean?

Placement indicates which department has editing, authorisation and validation rights to an article, rather than the ownership of the article itself.

These rights are restricted for authors to prevent anyone adding or creating a bogus article with unpleasant content and then removing themselves from it. Department administrators can do some editing, provided the articles are assigned to their department (as denoted by the placement). Placement can only be against a department here at Bath and if the article was written by authors from different departments, they need to decide which department to give the editing rights to and set the placement accordingly.

Some of my publications have been incorrectly associated with the wrong author?

Some of your publications may have been incorrectly matched to another user with the same name, either in a different department or at a different university. Please do NOT create a new record but use the ‘Disclaim’ link. See user guide for details.

My grant information has been uploaded but my co-investigators are not appearing?

Please contact quoting your research grant project code (e.g. RE XX 9999) as this will need to be updated in Agresso.