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Adding full text documents

You can add full-text documents to bibliographic records in Pure: adding a full-text document in this way automatically deposits a record in Opus, the University's open-access digital repository. To add a full-text document, click on the publication to open the template with the bibliographic details. Scroll down to the section Documents and click Add document.

Adding Full Text1








A new window will open in which you can navigate to the document on your computer and select it. You can also specify which version of the document you are adding and set its visibility (this setting only affects the full-text document itself and not the visibility of the bibliographic record associated with it).

If you are adding a full-text document of a journal article, you will see that in many cases Pure will tell you which version of the article you can make publicly available online. Some journals do not allow you to archive the publisher's version of the article but do allow you to add a pre-print without the publisher's formatting.

Adding Full Text2









If you have any questions about the copyright status of your publications and what versions you can make publicly available through open access, please contact