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Adding publications

Publication data may be added to Pure in one of three ways:

1. By creating a publication record from a template.

2. By importing publication data from online databases of journal articles, such as Scopus or Web of Science. You can search these sources from within Pure and import publication data directly.

3. By importing a BibTex or RIS file. If you keep publications in BibTeX format, you can import these directly into Pure. If you use a reference management program like EndNote, you can export bibliographies as BibTeX or RIS format and then import them into Pure using the 'import from file' option.

To add a publication log into Pure and click on the green Add new button at the top right side of the screen. 

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A new window will open; select category Research output on the left side of the screen. Now you can choose an appropriate method for creating a research output in Pure.  Adding Publications to Pure1

 Select the appropriate output type and an empty template will open.

Adding Publications to Pure2

Please ensure that you fill in all mandatory fields, indicated by a red asterisk, otherwise you will be unable to save the record. You can add as much or as little bibliographical information as you wish, but obviously the more the better. Bibliographic details such as page numbers, volume and issue numbers, publisher and place of publication are not mandatory but will help other people find your publication. 

You will be automatically added to the bibliographic record as an author. To add co-authors, click on the button Add person. You can search for authors that are in Pure already or create a new external person. Notice that if you click Edit opposite the person’s name, you can select the role of the contributor (for example if you are an editor rather than an author). Change order of authors by clicking up and down arrows, and remove a person by clicking on minus sign. 

Adding Publications to Pure3

Please note that if you are adding a chapter in a book or other edited work, you should only add the authors of the chapter in this section. Editor of the host publication should be added by clicking on the button Add editor in the Publisher section.

In the section Documents, you can add a full text document of the publication that would make the publication available on RHUL website for wider audiences.

In the section Relations, you can link the publication with a related project, activity or publication.

The Status of all entries is set to For Validation by default and will be passed to the Opus team in the Library for validation. If you set the status of the research output to Entry in progress, the item will be displayed on My personal to do list for easy access at a later stage.

Finally, click Save to create the record. You can always edit the publication records later by clicking on the titles. 

Information on Open Access requirements is available