Research & Innovation Services

Editing your Pure profile

All current academic and research staff and postgraduate research students have a Pure generated web profile on the University of Bath research portal. You can edit the information displayed about you by adding a profile photo, information about your research interests, and configuring fingerprints.

To edit your profile information, log onto Pure and in the Personal Overview page click on the button ‘Edit profile’ (next to the photo icon). This will open a new window.

  1. To add a profile photo, find a heading ‘Profile photos’ and click on the button ‘Add file’. Add the file and click on ‘Create’. Click on ‘Save’.
  2. To add a statement about your research interests, scroll to the section ‘Curriculum and research description’. Click on the button ‘Add profile information’ and add the text. Click on ‘Create’. Click on ‘Save’.
  3. To omit fingerprint concepts or switch the fingerprints off for your profile page, click on the ‘Fingerprints’ tab (on the left). Scroll over a concept you want to remove and a red cross will appear. Click on the cross. To switch the fingerprints off completely, click on the blue ‘On’ button and this will change to ‘Off’. Click on ‘Save’.

If you have any questions, please contact