Cancer Research at Bath

Seedcorn award

Thanks to generous donations from Bath Alumni, we announced our Cancer Research @ Bath (CR@B) Seedcorn award winners at the 16th CR@B symposium on Wednesday 15 November 2017. Successful applicants, the title of their research projects, and the funds awarded are listed below, followed by more information about the Seedcorn award and the assessment process. All Seedcorn award winners will be asked to present an update of their research findings at a CR@B symposium in 2018.

Previous CR@B Seedcorn award winners

From generous funding, CR@B was able to fund several seedcorn grants for projects or other activities relating to cancer research. We were able to fund up to £2500 specific to prostate cancer research and £2500 in other cancers. Awards were made on a competitive basis and the following research groups were successful:

Imaging Reactive Oxygen Species in Cancer Cells using Azuleneboronates

Applicants: Dr Simon Lewis, Dr Jannis Wenk, Prof Tony James, Mr Carlos Lopez-Alled and Ms Maria Weber.

Funds awarded: £2,100

Developing a diagnostic mass spectrometry method for detecting cancer related DNA modifications

Applicants: Piotr Manasterski, Jack Rice and Dr Shaun Reeksting

Funds awarded: £2,000

Grb10 and cancer - a pilot study

Applicants: Dr Kim Moorwood, Prof Andrew Ward and Paul Kitching

Funds awarded: £2,500

Do patients recently diagnosed with breast cancer exhibit a prematurely aged immune system before treatment, or does malignancy and chemotherapy accelerate immunological ageing?

Applicants: Dr James Turner, Dr John Campbell and Professor Mark Beresford.

Funds awarded: £2,500

Facilitating patient decision making about treatment options for prostate cancer using visual representation

Applicants: Dr James Turner, Miss Nikola Hawkins, Mr Pawan Jolly, Dr Simon Lewis, Dr Julie Turner-Cobb and Dr Mark Beresford.

Structure and function of RASSF7, both tumour suppressor and oncogene?

Applicants: Dr Stefan Bagby and Dr Andrew Chalmers.

A fluorescent high-throughput assay for a-methylacyl-CoA racemase, a novel prostate cancer drug target

Applicants: Professor Tony James and Dr Matthew Lloyd. 

Analysis of YAP/TAZ expression during the progression of cancer

Applicants: Dr Makoto Furutaniā€Seiki and Dr Chris Meehan. 


Information about the CR@B Seedcorn award and assessment process

The CR@B Seedcorn award opened for applications on the 17th of July 2017 advertised by Research and Innovation Services at the University of Bath. The closing date for applications was the 15th of August 2017. The aim of the Seedcorn award is to stimulate cancer research activities within the CR@B network and build on existing collaborations or establish new links. Funding of up to £2500 was available for projects, activities or equipment relating to cancer research, which could be stand-alone or part of an existing programme of research. Eligible costs included consumables, small equipment, travel and conference attendance, but funding could not be used for salaries. Funds must be spent by the 14th of November 2018.

Assessment process

We received 11 applications and 6 were shortlisted via external review by impartial members of the GW4 Cancer network based at the University of Bristol. Shortlisted candidates were invited to pitch their projects to a panel of representatives from the University of Bath Research & Innovation Services and Alumni office. 4 applications were awarded.

Assessment Criteria

Priority was given to proposals that clearly demonstrated: 

  • Cutting edge cancer research worthy of the Alumni donations with clear potential outcomes and outputs
  • Opportunities to develop new collaborations or to strengthen existing collaborations
  • A clear indication of how the project will add value to/pump prime applications for future research income including potential sources of further funding (e.g. research councils, charities, NIHR etc.)

Grants awarded met the criteria for the disbursement of alumni fund grants.