Department of Social & Policy Sciences

CDAS Seminar: Terror Management Theory

Thu May 04 12:06:00 BST 2017

Date: 04 May 2017
Time: 14.15 – 17.00
Location: 3 East 2.4, University of Bath, UK

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About the seminar: 

Drawing on cultural anthropologist Ernest Becker’s work, terror management theory (TMT) posits that humans quell the terrifying awareness of mortality by investing in cultural belief systems (worldviews) that imbue life with meaning and individuals with significance and self-esteem. The theory has generated over 500 empirical research studies into not only self-esteem and prejudice but also many other forms of social behaviour. 

TMT is a psychological theory with social, cultural and political implications. To date, it has been largely ignored by sociology, cultural studies and death studies, but is increasingly being cited within palliative care. This seminar examines TMT, bringing together proponents and critics working in various disciplines.


14.15: Welcome: Tony Walter, Centre for Death & Society 

14.20: Overview of TMT from a Psychological Perspective 
Simon McCabe, Psychologist and Lecturer in Management, Work and Organisation, University of Stirling

15.00: The Terror of Death and the Rise of Technology
Stephen Cave, Philosopher and Executive Director of the Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence, University of Cambridge. Author of the best-seller Immortality.

15.40: Break 

16.00: Trying to Find Death in Terror Management Theory 
John Troyer, Senior Lecturer, Dept Social & Policy Sciences & CDAS Director, University of Bath 

16.40: Closing discussion 

17.00: Depart 

This event is free to attend, please register your place via Eventbrite.