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Jade tributes reveal a renewed belief in angels

Fri Apr 15 16:25:00 BST 2011

Online tributes to the former reality TV star Jade Goody have revealed a resurgence in the belief in angels, according to research from the University of Bath.

A study by Professor Tony Walter, of the Centre for Death & Society, reveals that a belief in angels transcends any traditional theological belief in the soul.

Professor Walter studied online tributes to the mother-of-two who died two years ago following a highly-publicised battle against cervical cancer.

He said: “Until now, research has shown belief in an immortal soul as by far the most popular afterlife belief.

“This is challenged in my research into online tributes to Jade Goody; these tributes indicate that hope of the deceased being with the angels, or even becoming an angel, may have a lot more resonance for many Britons.”

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