Department of Social & Policy Sciences

Academics feature in Academy of Social Science briefing

Mon Jul 01 15:50:00 BST 2013

Their case studies were two of thirteen collected by the Academy to support the Campaign for Social Science and to be part of the case the Academy made in favour of Social Science to the Government’s Spending Review.

Professor Copestake and Dr Johnson’s case study – Improving the social performance of microfinance globally – assessed the evaluation tools and strategies that would be most cost-effective to microfinance institutions.

The case study of Dr Weyman and colleagues – Extending working life: Behaviour change interventions – looked at the best ways to encourage people to extend their working lives. A key finding of the study is that people are less likely to seek out choices than to respond to options presented to them.

To read the Professional Briefing in full visit the Academy of Social Science’s publication page.