Department of Social & Policy Sciences

Matt Dickson presents paper at the International Workshop on Applied Economics of Education

Wed Jul 03 16:32:00 BST 2013

Dr Matt Dickson attended the 4th International Workshop on Applied Economics of Education – held in Catanzaro, Italy, between 23-25 June – presenting new work looking at the impact of education on earnings throughout the lifecycle.

The research uses the New Earnings Survey Panel Dataset – an annual survey of the earnings of 1% of all employees in Great Britain – covering the years from 1975 through to 2010. This data is used to examine the lifetime earnings trajectories of individuals in the school years just before and just after the minimum school leaving age was raised from 15 to 16 in 1972.

The first findings from the early stages of this research indicate that the additional schooling imposed upon those affected by the reform changed both the initial level of earnings and the rate at which they grow over the working lifetime. Consequently, in any analysis of this policy it is important to consider the work-life stage of the sample of individuals as the impact is non-uniform over time.