Department of Social & Policy Sciences

Second postgraduate symposium hosted by research students

Mon Oct 14 15:07:00 BST 2013

Student presenting at the Research Student Symposium 2013

The second annual Department of Social & Policy Sciences symposium saw postgraduate research students and faculty members come together on Friday 20 September to share their research and exchange ideas.

Following on from the success of the inaugural symposium last year, this year’s event featured five panels themed around departmental research clusters – from Work and Welfare to Children, Young People and Families, Global Transformations and Insecurity to Governance and Policy Development.

Presentations ranged from looking at lone mothers’ support network to scrutinising billable hours in the design industry, and from exploring children’s experiences in foster care to interrogating European pension reform.

Topics covered diverse geographies, including industrial relations in Turkey, children’s subjectivity in Rwanda, the Oportunidades social programme in Mexico, and cash transfers in Ghana.

The day ended with a session themed around Lifelong Health and Wellbeing which incorporated presentations on ‘social death’, the role of relationships in wellbeing and the practicalities, pitfalls and pleasures of interviewing people with advanced dementia.

With around forty attendees including fourteen presenters, the event provided opportunities for all to deepen their understanding of the research being carried out by their peers in the department as well as to offer and receive feedback.