Department of Social & Policy Sciences

SPS Researcher leads first IPR Network

Tue Jul 09 11:33:00 BST 2013

The Middle East and North Africa Social Policy Network (MENA) at the University of Bath Institute for Policy Research (IPR) is dedicated to open discussion about social justice and social welfare issues related to this part of the world. Led by Dr Rana Jawad the network's aim is to develop a sound knoweldge base for better understanding of the social issues facing the populations of this region. It is also a forum for the exchange of ideas about why issues of social injustice and equality matter in this region and what the solutions to them might be.

The network is open to academics, policy-makers, members of the wider public and all who are interested in joining the debate and finding new ways of thinking and acting positively in the MENA region. All are welcome to join by subscribing to the  network jiscmail.

If you are engaged in research on an issue related to social policy and social welfare in the MENA region, or if you are an NGO working on social justice issues or a policy-maker who is looking for new insights, please share your experiences or contact the network coordinator  Dr Rana Jawad.

Find out more about the network.