Department of Social & Policy Sciences

Research centre hosts Israel-Palestine eye-witness panel debate

Fri May 23 14:30:00 BST 2014

The Centre for Development Studies organised a dynamic panel debate on 'Israel-Palestine: Eye-Witness Accounts' that took place on Wednesday 21 May.

The debate comprised those with expert knowledge and experience of the Israeli and Palestine issues.

Debate panel

Ali Morgan, from the Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme for Palestine and Israel, who told her story of living for 3 months in a Palestinian village in the West Bank

Erez Agami, an Israeli forth year University of Bath undergraduate and chair of the Jewish Society, who shared with the audience what the average Israeli citizen think about Palestinians.

Darah Alghanem, a Palestinian University of Bath master’s student who passionately pleaded for entering into respectful dialogue.

Staff from the Centre for Development Studies were pleased host an event that facilitated dialogue and exchange of views towards building a sustainable peace in what is probably the most troubled and complex spot of the world.

Speaking about the event one master’s student commented: “I found it very thought-provoking! It was unique to hear a discussion shaped around personal experiences rather than on the issues as an abstract. The subsequent debate with the audience was particularly captivating!”

Another student said: “Fantastic! It was particularly interesting to have an Israeli talk so openly about how Israeli society views the situation. As always with debates on these sorts of issues, it could have gone for many more hours, if not days!”