Department of Social & Policy Sciences

Social policy research cited in Independent Voices blog

Thu Jun 12 17:39:00 BST 2014

Research by Professor Paul Gregg , Director of the Centre for the Analysis of Social Policy , was cited in Danny Blanchfower’s blog featured on the Independent on 1 June 2014.

In this blog under the Independent Voices on the Independent website, Danny Blanchflower looked at current issues in the debate around rising wealth inequality in the UK.

The blog cites research published in the Economic Journal in May 2014 by Paul Gregg, Stephen Machin and Mariña Fernández-Salgado entitled ‘ Real wages and unemployment in the big squeeze’. This research documents the nature of real wages changes over the last three decades and reports that the sensitivity of real wages to unemployment has increased since 2003, offering an assessment of some of the possible drivers behind this.