Department of Social & Policy Sciences

Research student to visit Center for Health and Human Rights

Tue Jun 17 18:51:00 BST 2014


Tim Williams

— Tim Williams


Tim Williams, a final year PhD candidate in the Department of Social & Policy Sciences, has been awarded funding through the Global Partner Research Scholarship Scheme.

The award will enable him to spend up to six months as a visiting scholar at the Research Program on Children and Global Adversity (RPCGA) within the FXB Center for Health and Human Rights at Harvard University.

During this time Tim will be principally focused on completing his thesis, which ethnographically explores children's experiences of education in a Rwandan context undergoing rapid levels of social and economic transformation.

Tim aims to strengthen the conceptual and analytical contributions of his doctoral work. He will have the opportunity to present his work to different scholars working on related topics, receive feedback about his own written work, and explore possibilities for future collaboration.

Further information

Find out more about Tim’s research project that investigates children's experiences of schooling in Rwanda.