Department of Social & Policy Sciences

Korean TV fascinated by death education at Bath

Mon May 19 12:04:00 BST 2014

Leading South Korean documentary channel EBS was on the University of Bath campus on 15 May to film for a TV documentary series as part of their work investigating death worldwide.

The film-makers were intrigued that a number of death-related modules and courses that are available for study at the University of Bath. Their film will form part of a three part one hour mini-series.

They interviewed Professor Tony Walter (Director of the Centre for Death & Society) and undergraduate students Jessica Hicks and Ed Stokes, who have taken Professor Walter's popular final year module ‘Sociology of Death’.

Professor Walter said: “Death is managed in very different ways in different countries, and people are often intrigued when they discover how much other countries' practices – not least their educational practices - differ. We are pleased that Bath's innovative teaching in this area has prompted international media interest.”

Jessica said: “The interview was really interesting and a good experience. Studying death makes you realise just how hidden the subject is in our society – the dying are often confined into hospitals, while crematoriums are hidden away. It is great that here at Bath we have the option to study this very much taboo subject.”

Ed said: “Death is a really interesting concept which we both glorify and regulate. It is key to how we understand ourselves and our place within the world, but at the same time we have a relatively poor scientific understanding of consciousness. This makes the sociology of death a fascinating and important area of study.”