Department of Social & Policy Sciences

Opinion blog: Promoting wellbeing is the core business of government

Wed Jul 09 14:00:00 BST 2014

The CentreForum Mental Health Commission yesterday published a report on the state of wellbeing in England, putting forward five key priorities for policymakers.

Dr Sarah White, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Social & Policy Sciences, commented in the University of Bath Opinion blog on the importance of recognising the difference between wellbeing and happiness and explained how wellbeing can be influenced by many factors.

"Wellbeing is influenced by our economic position, how divided a society is and also the extent to which individuals have agency in their own lives. Influencing these factors should be the core business of government."

The full blog post is available on the Opinion blog, along with thoughts from other University of Bath researchers on recent news stories.

You can also listen to Sarah talking about wellbeing in the context of international development in an interview with BBC Wiltshire.