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Wellbeing and Quality of Life Assessment: A Practical Guide (Practical Action Publishing) edited by Sarah C. White and Asha Abeyasekera

Tue Sep 30 16:05:00 BST 2014

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This new book published on 3 rd October, 2014 aims to provide a practical resource for people engaged in social or development policy or practice who are considering integrating ‘wellbeing’ or ‘quality of life’ in their work in the global South and North.

Sarah White explains….

"The first section provides an accessible introduction that explains what ‘wellbeing’ and ‘ Quality of Life’ have come to mean in international development, and why they have become important concepts to policy makers.  It defines key concepts and suggests questions and choices that policymakers and practitioners must consider when deciding to adopt a wellbeing or QoL approach in their programming. The main part of the book presents different frameworks and tools that have been developed and used in measuring wellbeing and QoL, assessing the impact of programmes, and how a wellbeing approach can be used in policy and advocacy.  The chapters discuss the impetus for adopting a particular approach, describe how the specific frameworks and tools work and reflect on the strengths and limitations of the approach as well as lessons learnt in implementing it." 

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