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Creating a 21st Century utopian society

Fri Aug 21 14:45:00 BST 2015


Dr Ana Dinerstien at the Democratisation of Space conference

— Dr Ana Dinerstien at the Democratisation of Space conference.


Dr Ana Dinerstein has been speaking about the challenges of creating a 21st Century utopian society. She argued that the task at present is the creation of 'concrete utopias', which require collective action by those striving for a better future.

As part of her talk, Ana highlighted the issues faced by progressive governments in Latin America. In recent years, utopian ideas have become distorted when they are translated into social policy.

The Democratisation of Space

Dr Ana Dinerstein delivered her research as keynote speaker at the 2nd summer conference: The Democratisation of Space.

The conference was organised between the 3-9 August at the National Centre for the Development of the Rights to Territory (CENEDET) in Quito, Ecuador.

The Centre is directed by the distinguished Professor of Anthropology and Geography David Harvey and it is part of the Institute of National Advanced Studies (Instituto de Altos Estudios Nacionales)

The five day conference gathered academics, artists, activists, non-governmental organisations, indigenous and social movements and public servants who explored together issues related to the city, the body, land and utopia.

During the conference, participants visited a 'cultural factory' that is being created in the neighbourhood of Atacucho and the Indigenous people's comuna of Cocotog, who are seeking governmental recognition for their right for communal property.

Speaking about the confernce, Dr Dinerstein said: "This was an amazing experience of intense intellectual discussion greatly connected to the life of the Comunas in Quito."