Department of Social & Policy Sciences

Dr Oliver Walton to research war to peace transitions in Sri Lanka and Nepal

Tue Oct 27 08:32:00 GMT 2015

Dr Oliver Walton is part of a team that has received an ESRC grant worth £450,000 over two years to research war to peace transitions in Sri Lanka and Nepal.

The grant will support a research team made up of researchers from the Centre for Poverty Analysis, Sri Lanka, the Martin Chautari Institute and International Alert. The research will be led by Professor Jonathan Goodhand.

The project ' Borderlands, Brokers and Peacebuilding in Sri Lanka and Nepal: War to Peace Transitions viewed from the margins' aims to improve state building and peacebuilding interventions in post-war contexts in South Asia and beyond.

The project is original in its approach because it takes the ‘margins’ of the state as the primary vantage point for understanding and explaining the political and economic dynamics of 'post war' transition.

The research will explore how different kinds of borderland regions produce varied institutional arrangements and brokering relations, and examine how these different dynamics shape the patterns of post-war stabilisation and reconstruction. This contrasts to the usually top down, centrist orientation commonly applied to the study of and policy responses to post-war state building and reconstruction.