Department of Social & Policy Sciences

First QuIP Evaluator Training

Fri Feb 17 14:10:00 GMT 2017

A group of people stand in front of a large dinosaur skeleton on the wall of the Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution

Attendees of the first two day Lead QuIP Evaluator training course


Bath Social & Development Research held its first two day Lead QuIP Evaluator training course, held on 6 & 7 February in the rooms of the Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution. This was an opportunity to share the fruits of five years' worth of research and practice with a wider community of freelance consultants, data analysts, NGO evaluation specialists and researchers interested in undertaking QuIP studies themselves and/or collaboratively. The training session was an important stage in the strategic shift from delivering QuIP studies solely through CDS and/or BS&DR to building a network of people able to respond to the growing demand for them: QuIP studies have now been completed or are in progress in Uganda, Mexico, Malawi, Kenya, India, Ghana, Ethiopia and Bristol.

The two day training also drew on the substantial experience of those present - including three CDS Bath post-doctoral students - to revisit and review a wide range of issues: from scoping and sampling to stakeholder engagement via ethics, coding systems and contract management. A further training programme is planned for later in the year, thanks in no small part to support and encouragement from the Aga Khan Development Network.

To find out more about the QuIP work please check the Bath Social & Development Research website where you can also join the mailing list to find out more about forthcoming training sessions.