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Just out! New books from CDAS

Tue Jul 18 15:07:00 BST 2017

Malcolm Johnson & Joanna Walker, eds

Spiritual Dimensions of Ageing

Bringing together an international group of leading scholars across the fields of psychology, theology, history, philosophy, sociology and gerontology, the volume distils the latest advances in research on spirituality and ageing, and vigorously discusses how we can interpret this learning for the benefit of older people and those who seek to serve and support them. 

Tony Walter

What Death Means Now: Thinking critically about dying and grieving

A critical introduction to the particular challenges the twenty first century poses to humans as they encounter their own and others' mortality. Responses to these challenges include new ways to prepare for dying, new kinds of funerals, new ways to handle grief and new ways to memorialise - how effective and appropriate are these and other innovations? 

Christine Valentine et al

Families Bereaved by Alcohol or Drugs: research on experiences, coping and support  

Individuals bereaved by the drug- or alcohol-related death of a family member represent a sizeable group worldwide.  Families Bereaved by Alcohol or Drugs is the long-awaited result of an important and ambitious research project into the experiences commonly encountered by members of this stigmatized and vulnerable group.