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Sophie Olver

Sophie Olver

Sophie is conducting research into changes in the labour market and governance in the Middle East.

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We have a vibrant and growing research student community, which forms a vital and highly valued part of the research life of the Department.

Our current research students are studying a wide range of topics, often at the leading edge of their field, and their research represents the breadth of research interest across the four disciplines in the Department. 

Our students come from a very wide range of backgrounds and many already have established careers in research, policy, consultancy and other fields, and they bring this experience to their research as well as contributing more broadly to our research student community.

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When in Bath, our research student community life revolves around our very well-attended  Thursdays seminars. These run from September to July, and involve presentations from students on their current research, as well as peer-led sessions on 'tricky issues' of PhD research - from structuring the thesis, to managing fieldwork abroad, ethical issues, and understanding supervision styles. We hold bi-annual forums for discussing plans and events over the year, and most distance and part-time students attend these, too.

When students are away from Bath, they receive a regular newsletter updating them on events and achievements of their colleagues, and stay in touch with activities and funding opportunities, too. For more informal get-togethers, there is a monthly coffee meeting and many student-organised social events too.

Our students are also encouraged to present their research at conferences and to prepare their work for publication. In addition, many of our research students make a highly valued contribution to teaching in the Department, as well as participating in the departmental research groups, seminars, and training run by the Faculty Graduate School, the University, and the South West Doctoral Training Centre.

Recent publications 

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In the media

Králová, J., 2015. “Living longer”, is that good news? gw4dyingwell

Leyer-Velazquez, R., 2014. Hunt for missing students goes on as citizen rage grips Mexico. The Conversation, 2nd December 2014.