Department of Social & Policy Sciences

Dr Joe Devine


Head of Department
Senior Lecturer in International Development

3 East 3.40
Tel: +44 (0) 1225 38 3539


Currently my main research interests lie in well-being, poverty and inequality. From October 2002 - September 2007 I was the Country Coordinator (Bangladesh) for WeD. This in turn builds on an overarching interest in the cultural construction of poverty and people’s struggles to deal with poverty. To date this has allowed me to look at the everyday politics of civil society organisations such as NGOs and other community based organisations, and has been continued (from 2006) with a focus on faith and religion. The interaction between people and various organisations forms the basis for an ongoing reflection into governance and the dynamics of policy processes. In this regard, I have examined through previous research the relation between policy making discourse and everyday practices of organisations, communities and individuals in the fields of coastal management, HIV/AIDS, land distribution and human rights.


  • Wellbeing, inequality and poverty
  • Governance and social policy in developing contexts
  • Social, political and anthropological aspects of development
  • NGOs, NGO management, development institutions
  • Natural resources management and the poor (coastal communities)
  • Development issues in South Asia
  • People-resource relationship and the construction of livelihoods and welfare
  • Research methodologies: stakeholder analysis, participatory methods, semi-structured interviews and focus group work


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