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Dr Justin Rogers

A Lecturer in Social Work with expertise in fostering and adoption

Justin Rogers

Lecturer in Social Work

PhD, BA, Dip, MRes
3 East 3.2c
Tel: +44 (0) 1225 38 5804

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My research interests are in the area of child welfare and child protection. These interests stem from my experiences working as a social worker in local authority family placement teams. I have a particular interest in the ways that children and young people in public care, are looked after by the state.

My recent PhD study, explored the experiences of young people growing up in foster care in the United Kingdom. The thesis used the concept of social capital, to understand the ways that the young people maintained and built their relationships, whilst growing up in a context where they experienced disruption to their social networks. The study found that the stigma of being 'in care' impacted on the young people’s day to day lives, and the ways they developed their relationships. Findings also showed the importance of web2.0 technologies and how access to social media influenced the participants' ability to maintain their social capital.

I am currently developing research proposals in order to explore European policy and practice responses, to the care of unaccompanied refugee children and young people. This research will draw on the sociology of childhood, and aim to capture the lived experiences of refugee children and young people.

I teach on the undergraduate social work programme at the University of Bath. Convening a first year unit that provides students with an introduction to social work practice. I also convene a final year unit on working with children and families, which focuses on the practice of child protection in the United Kingdom.

Research interests

  • Child Welfare
  • Child Protection
  • Fostering and Adoption
  • Refugee Children and Young People
  • Unnacompanied Asylum Seeking Children and Young People
  • Social Work Education


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