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Mr Peter Cressey




Chair of UK Work Organisation Network, used as national expert for European Commission, European Foundation and ILO.

Research interests

I have three primary areas of research. The first is enterprise governance and the changing face of employee participation, I have been active in this area since the 1970s undertaking key empirical/comparative research that have resulted in a large body of books, journal articles and research monographs. I have been used as a European expert in the field particularly by the ILO, European Commission, the European Foundation and SALTSA.

The second area of research has been that of work organisation, and changing labour market and employee relations. The studies here have again had both a domestic and international dimension. I have been the rapporteur on cross-national European studies for the European Foundation, led joint research of an Anglo-French nature and undertaken long-running extensive studies of the restructuring of the British banking industry.

The final research theme relates to changes in work organisation and organisational learning. I was European Scientific Co-ordinator of a large multi-national Leonardo project on The Role of Social Partnership in the development of Human Resource Development. Also commissioned by CEDEFOP (the EU training Agency) to edit a book on European Developments in Organisational Learning. Founding Director and currently Chair of the UK Work Organisation Network this is a European Commission funded network of leading work organisational academics and practitioners.

Current Funded Research includes a Knowledge Transfer Project BANES/PCT ‘From the ground Up’ Developing new employee performance measures with BANES Primary Care Trust. And European Social Fund (UK Work Organisation Network - Development of South West Learning Network and funding for research on partnership and work life balance. Undertaking a large scale survey of Bristol City Council on Work Life Balance.



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Book Sections

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Conference or Workshop Items

Farr, M. and Cressey, P., 2010. Public service employee and user collaboration: creating change from the ground up. In: British Sociological Association Annual Conference 2010, 2010-04-07.

Farr, M. and Cressey, P., 2008. Struggling to participate in public services: workers, users, citizens and managers. In: Dilemmas for Human Services, 12th International Research Conference, 2008-09-11 - 2008-09-12.

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