Department of Social & Policy Sciences

Dr Rana Jawad

Senior Lecturer in social policy specialising in the Middle East and North Africa region and the role of religion in public social welfare action

Rana Jawad

Senior Lecturer in Social Policy BA, MA (Econ), PhD in Social Policy, FHEA
Admissions Tutor BSc (Hons) Sociology BSc (Hons) Social Policy BSc (Hons) Social Sciences BSc (Hons) Sociology and Social Policy
Director of Studies MSc International Public Policy Analysis

3 East 3.15
Tel: +44 (0) 1225 38 5806

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Consultancy projects
  • Social Protection Policies in the North AFRCIAN Region – African Development Bank and International development Research Centre (Egypt)
  • Social Policy in the MENA region – UNDP regional office for the Arab countries (Lebanon)
PhD supervision

I am interested in supervising new PhD students researching these topics:

  • Social policy and welfare systems in the MENA region
  • Social protection policies in developing countries
  • Social and economic inequalities in the MENA region
  • The role of religion and religious organisations in social action and social welfare
  • The role of the voluntary sector in social policy in the UK

I have recently completed the supervision of an ESRC-linked project on Shi'a Welfare Organisations in Iraq by Janan Al Jabiri.


I joined the Department of Social & Policy Sciences at Bath in 2009 and carry out two main administrative roles for the department: Admissions Tutor for Undergraduate Social Science Programmes and Director of Studies for the Masters in International Public Policy.

My main research interests are in studying the social policies and the welfare systems of the Middle East and North Africa region, with particular emphasis on the Arab and Muslim populations there. I also have a passionate interest for understanding the intersections between religion and public action which has filtered into my research on social policy both in the UK, MENA region and the world at large!

These two main lines of enquiry help me make links between social policy, international development and moral philosophy and feed into a much broader theoretical focus on the meanings of wellbeing, the drivers of social welfare action and the mutually constitutive relationship between religious identities and social change.

I am involved in a variety of academic research, consultancy and outreach activities on social policy in the MENA region. I have just completed work as Principal Investigator on an ESRC standard grant which seeks to produce a mapping of the welfare systems of the MENA region based on the country case studies of Lebanon, Turkey and Iran. This project engages directly with the role of religion in the region and I collaborated with Dr Burcu Yakut-Cakar at Kocaeli University and Dr Ali Saeidi at Tehran University in this research. The project concluded with a policy workshop organized in collaboration with the Middle East Programme at Chatham House in November, 2014.

In 2013, I founded and am now convener of the MENA social policy network and MENA social policy blog. The network activities have been funded by a grant from the Council for British Research in the Levant. We hold a one of a kind bi-annual conference on social policy issues in the MENA region and run a virtual library which hosted by the network website.

My other activities include being a member of the editorial board of Sociology and co-convener of the Social Policy Association’s International and Comparative Social Policy Working Group.

I was Treasurer of the UK Social Policy Association (SPA) between 2005-2012, and member of the editorial board of the Journal of Social Policy since between 2009 and 2013. I am consulted for my work on the MENA region by various international agencies and governments in the MENA region.

Research interests

  • Development policy in the MENA region
  • Social protection and social policy in MENA
  • Welfare theory and ethics
  • Religion and social welfare action
  • Culture and Social Policy
  • Definitions of Poverty and Wellbeing
  • Social movements

Current projects

  • UNRISD Review of Social Policies in the MENA region



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Non-academic press

Jawad, R., 2015. Why are the Gulf states so reluctant to take in refugees? The Conversation

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