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Honorary Professor Tess Ridge


Honorary Professor of Social Policy

3 East 3.37
Tel: +44 (0) 1225 38 5838


I have been a Professor of Social Policy at the University of Bath since 2000. My main research interests are childhood poverty and social exclusion; particularly exploring the experience of poverty and disadvantage from the perspectives of children themselves.

I have a keen interest in the role of policy, especially the provision of welfare and economic support in the lives of children and families. I have extensive experience of carrying out qualitative research with low-income children and their parents, and my research includes one of the first UK studies childhood poverty to be carried out from a child’s perspective.

My recent research includes a qualitative longitudinal study (with Professor Jane Millar) which explores the lives and experiences of children and their mothers in low-income working lone-mother households. This study explored the transition from welfare benefits to employment and the sustainability of that employment over time.

My research has had an impact on policy development and legislation at local, national and international levels and my research with children and families has been used to inform the thinking and priorities of child poverty lobby groups and NGOs.

I contributed to the development and progress of the recently passed Child Poverty Act. At present am working with local and national bodies interested in improving the welfare of some of Britain’s poorest children during this period of economic crisis and recession.

Research interests

  • Poverty and social exclusion especially childhood poverty and social exclusion
  • children and family policy
  • social security policy
  • comparative social security especially support for children and families.


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