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Dr Theodoros Papadopoulos

Theodoros Papadopoulos


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PhD supervision

I am interested in supervising PhD projects that share one or more of my research interests.

Research interests

My research focuses on three broad areas:

  • Varieties of welfare capitalism in relation to labour commodification and social (in)security in the EU and internationally.
  • The political economy of familism in semi-peripheral capitalist countries.
  • Governance and democratic institutional innovations in market societies.

Theoretical orientation

  • Theory and analysis of power and governance in public policy making
  • Labour decommodification
  • Welfare statism and de-familisation
  • Democratic post-neoliberal institutional innovations

Policy areas

  • Social protection in and out of paid employment
  • Unemployment compensation systems and labour market dynamics
  • Familistic welfare regimes
  • Intra-EU Migration and labour markets
  • Governance of investments of pension funds

Regional and national foci

  • European Union
  • UK
  • Southern Europe (especially Greece and Turkey)
  • Eastern Europe
  • China
  • South America (especially Venezuela and Mexico)

Methodological approaches and techniques

  • Comparative historical institutionalism
  • Interpretive policy analysis and critical governance analysis
  • Techniques of comparative public policy research (e.g. micro-data simulation and model families method, Fuzzy sets)
  • Construction of social indicators



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Non-academic press

Papadopoulos, T., 2015. Greece woes show how the politics of debt failed Europe. The Conversation

Papadopoulos, T., 2015. Explainer:why the Greek election is so important. The Conversation

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