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Natalie Booth

BSc Sociology

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Personally, what ultimately attracted me to study at Bath was the opportunity to take a placement year. For me, the placement experience is unique, exciting and an extremely challenging year. The nature of a year-long placement into the working world puts you outside of your comfort zone in a new environment and allows you to flourish and grow as a person in a way no other opportunity can replicate. You are also assigned a supervisor at the university who you can contact for support, who visits you on placement, and is generally concerned with your welfare whilst away on placement.

Additionally, my placement experience had an overwhelming influence over my future, as a project I was allocated and worked on for several months sparked a passion, and interest to conduct empirical research of my own. For this reason, I applied to stay at the university as a postgraduate and have recently been awarded a scholarship to fund my MRes and MPhil/PhD in social policy. Ultimately, it was my placement year which steered my career plans and introduced me to the possibility of conducting social research on a topic which has previously received so little attention.