Statutory Bodies and Committees

Important notice to all members of staff not in the Education and Research job family

Election of Member of Staff to serve on Council of the University

Nominations are requested for the vacancy for one member of staff who is not a member of the Education and Research Job Family to serve on the Council of the University to 31 July 2018,

A casual vacancy will arise following the resignation of Ms Clare Marr with effect from 25/11/16.

Council is the governing body of the University and its primary responsibilities include:

  • approving the mission and strategic vision of the institution, long-term business plans, key performance indicators (KPIs) and annual budgets, and ensuring these meet the interests of stakeholders;
  • appointing the head of the institution as chief executive of the institution and putting in place suitable arrangements for monitoring his or her performance;
  • ensuring the establishment and monitoring of systems of control and accountability, including financial and operational controls and risk assessment, and clear procedures for handling internal grievances and for managing conflicts of interest;
  • monitoring institutional performance against plans and approved KPIs, which should be, where possible and appropriate, benchmarked against other institutions.

Council has a majority of lay members who are neither staff nor students of the University. It normally meets five times per year in October, November, February, May and July on Thursday afternoons at 4.15pm. For dates of meetings in 2016/17, please refer to the Calendar of Meetings The formal Council meeting is followed by refreshments and occasionally an informal evening session. Members of Council are also invited to attend key events of the University.

Nominations are now invited for a member of staff not in the Education and Research Job Family to serve on Council for period to 31 July 2018. The person elected would be eligible for re-election (if nominated) for a full three-year term of office starting in August 2018.

A nomination may be submitted in either written or electronic format. A written nomination shall bear the signatures of the proposer and the seconder (who must also be members of staff other than academic staff) and shall be accompanied by a declaration by the candidate that he or she will serve if elected. An electronic nomination shall consist of emails from the proposer and seconder confirming their nominee and an e-mail fro the candidate declaring their willingness to serve if elected. The nomination form can be downloaded

Completed nomination forms should be send to Clare Henderson, Office of the University Secretary, 4 West 3.8 (Tel: 3400, email by 5pm on Friday 9 December 2016.

There is further information about Council and a job specification for Council members.