Statutory Bodies and Committees

Remuneration Committee

The Remuneration Committee, under delegated authority from Council, determines the remuneration of senior officers of the University. The minutes of meetings of the Remuneration Committee are submitted to Council.

Secretary to the Committee: If you would like further information about the Remuneration Committee, please contact Richard Brooks, ext 6702.

Committee members

The terms of office expire on 31st July in the year stated.

Name Position Term of Office
Professor B Gilbertson Chair, Lay member of Council, elected by Council 2020
Mr T Sheppard Chair of Council
Mr J Preston Treasurer
Ms A Goodman Lay member of Council, elected by Council

(Amended by Council 30 November 2017, 24 October 2017)

Terms of Reference

Approved by Council 7th July 1995, Revised by Council 5th July 1996 and 22nd October 2009 and updated on 30th November 2017.

  1. Under delegated authority from Council, to determine the remuneration of the Vice-Chancellor, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, the Pro-Vice-Chancellors, the Deans, the University Secretary, the Director of Finance, and the Director of Estates. The Committee will ensure that the performance of the named Officers is assessed.
  2. To approve objectives for the Vice-Chancellor which will be shared with Council.
  3. To make recommendations to Council on any severance arrangements for staff earning over £100k per year, in accordance with HEFCE guidance.
  4. To make an annual report to Council.

Procedural Rules

  • Appointment of Chair: The Chair of the Committee is appointed by Council on the recommendations of its Nominations Committee.
  • Co-option: See Council Standing Orders 16(iv) and 16(v)
  • Alternates: Not permitted (Council Standing Order 17 (iii))
  • Quorum: Three members (Council 24 October 2017)
  • The Remuneration Committee will meet at least twice each year.