Statutory Bodies and Committees

School of Management

Board of Studies

The Board of Studies is responsible to Senate for all matters relating to the organisation of education, teaching, learning and research in the School, including all examination matters.

Secretary to the Board : If you would like further information about the Board of Studies for the School of Management, please contact Kay Elliott, ext 6594

Board members

Terms of office expire on 31st July in the year stated.

Vice Chancellor  (normally invited to attend one meeting each year)  
CHAIR: Professor Veronica HOPE-HAILEY (Dean)    
Associate Deans – ex-officio:    
Professor A Brandon-Jones    
Professor A Brown    
Professor D Dimov    
Professor R Jackson    
Dr B Rayton    
Professsor J Swart    
Elected members: With effect from: To:
Dr P Cooper 1 August 2014 31 July 2017
Dr R Kamm 1 August 2015 31 July 2018
Dr E Mamali 1 August 2016 31 July 2019
Dr M Mtar 1 August 2016 31 July 2019
Dr D Paraskevopoulos 1 August 2014 31 July 2017
Dr M Parkin 1 August 2015 31 July 2018
Dr R Shields 1 August 2015 31 July 2018
Mr M Willis 1 August 2014 31 July 2017
Dr C Vasilakis 1 August 2016 31 July 2019
Members from other Faculties:    
Dr S Wharton Humanities & Social Sciences  
Professor S Newman Engineering & Design  
Dr R Kohn Science  
Student members:    
Mr Jack Kitchen (UG)
tbc - (PGT)
tbc (PGR)
Sabbatical Officer:    
Ms K Moynihan  SU Activities Officer  
Head of Learning Partnerships Office:    
Dr F Bisset    
Co-opted members:    
The Board is entitled to co-opt up to a maximum of 5 further members:  
Ms  C Bannister 1 August 2014 31 July 2017
Ms R Levy (UGT Student Representative)    
Others (in attendance):
Library: Ms H RHODES

Terms of Reference

Approved by Senate 9th June 2010, Revised 5 February 2014

The functions of Boards of Studies are prescribed by Section 20.1 of the Statutes:

20.1 There shall be a Board of Studies of each School which shall have the following functions:

  1. To advise and report to the Senate on all matters relating to the organisation of education, teaching, learning, and research in the subjects of the School, including curricula and examinations.
  2. To consider the progress of Students in the School.
  3. To appoint internal and external examiners in the subjects of the School.
  4. To recommend to the Senate any appointment of an external examiner where the aggregate term of office exceeds four consecutive years.
  5. To consider and where necessary take action on any matters which may be referred to it by the Senate.
  6. To advise and recommend to the Senate on the academic strategy of the School.
  7. To carry out any functions which may be given to or imposed on it by the Ordinances.

Procedural Rules

Standing Orders: Board of Studies Standing Orders 
Appointment of Chair: The Head of School (Section 8.4 of the Statutes).
Appointment of Vice-Chair: See Standing Order 4(a).
Membership: See Ordinance 10.
Co-options: Up to five, see Ordinance 10.
Alternates: See Standing Order 1(b). For ex-officio members only - allowed at the discretion of the person nominating.
Quorum: See Section 28.1(iv) of the Statutes and Standing Order 4(b-d).
Rules for voting: See Standing Orders 9 and 10.
Minutes: Submitted to Senate.

(1) Staff/Student Liaison Committees:Ordinance 25 states:
Each Department shall have at least one Staff/Student Liaison Committee with such constitution and terms of reference as the Board of Studies shall prescribe, provided that:
(a) the number of students shall not be less than the number of staff members.
(b) there shall not be less than six student members.
(c) the terms of reference shall include the appointment of members to serve on the Board of Studies under the provisions of Ordinance 10.1(g) (i.e. student members of the Board).
Minutes of the Staff/Student Liaison Committee may be received by the Board of Studies.
(2) Boards of Examiners.
(3) Ad hoc sub-committees may be set up for each Board of Studies as required.
Current subcommittees are: Teaching and Quality Committee, Research Committee and Student Research Committee.