Statutory Bodies and Committees

Disciplinary Committee

8 (Disciplinary Procedures for Students). Under this regulation, allegations of misconduct by students may be heard by the Disciplinary Committee (or the Vice-Chancellor).

Secretary to the Committee: If you would like further information about the Disciplinary Committee, please contact Mark Pender, ext 5398.

Committee members

Terms of office expire on 31st July in the year stated.

Professor Dame Glynis Breakwell Vice-Chancellor (or delegate) (Chair) ex-officio
Professor J Barnett  Member of Sente   2020
Professor C Budd     2020*
Professor G Price Member of Senate 2019
Dr A Salo Member of Senate 2018
Two reserves:    
Dr M Hejmadi   2019*
Professor F Li    2020*
Vacancy Appointed by the Student Representative Council 2018
Vacancy Appointed by the Student Representative Council 2018
Vacancy Appointed by the Student Representative Council 2018

* not subject to membership of Senate

Terms of Reference

Approved by Senate in June 1969.

To exercise the functions prescribed in Regulation 8 in relation to the discipline of students.

Procedural Rules


Vice-Chancellor or delegate (Chair)
Four academic members of whom at least two are members of Senate
Three students appointed by the Student Representative Council

Officers normally in attendance: as required.

(a) The academic staff members and a list of reserve academic members are elected by Senate
(b) The student members of the Committee and a list of reserve student members are appointed by the Students' Representative Council
(c) Reserve members are to be invited to attend when a member of the Committee is unable to attend or is debarred by reason of an interest in the case to be considered
(d) No member of the Disciplinary Committee shall be a member of an Appeals Committee

Quorum: Five members.
Rules for voting: Senate Standing Order 16(v)): Decisions are valid if supported by four members. The Committee shall be entitled to find that a student has committed the offence to which the charge relates on receiving evidence of conviction for that offence in a civil court.
Co-options: See Senate Standing Orders 16(ii) and 16(iii).
Alternates: See Senate Standing Orders 17(iii) and (iv).
Other: The Secretary of any meeting of the Disciplinary Committee should consult Senate Minute 9572, October 1994.
Minutes: To Senate in the unreserved section of the Agenda.


Appeals process set out in Regulation 8, section 8.3